Gov. Noem Says Her State Ready To Support Mothers As Trigger Law Takes Effect…Here’s What They Plan To Do

South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has revealed that her state is now ready to start assisting mothers with unplanned pregnancies as a 2005 trigger law kicks into effect that will ban abortions in her state, including in cases of both rape and incest, after the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was handed down last Friday.

Noem made an appearance on the “Just the News, Not Noise” television program on Wednesday where she said that the trigger law was created in the event “that if this decision ever came — overturning Roe — that abortions would be illegal immediately, except to save the life of a mother. So that is the law today.”

“And we are focused on really making sure that people have the resources to know that these mothers are supported, that they have their health care, the counseling services and mentors, and even adoption services — should they choose that path — at their fingertips, if they need it, if they’re in a situation where they have an unplanned pregnancy or a crisis situation where they really do need some help,” the governor said.

According to Just the News, Noem also revealed a website where mothers with unplanned pregnancies can go to help them find resources.

The Republican governor also said that mothers who still obtain abortions under the new law would not face prosecution, but the doctors who perform the procedure would.

I am often torn about this particular part of the abortion issue. I understand why folks don’t want to prosecute the mothers for getting abortions because there are a lot of them who are young and are misguided by people around them that they trust.

However, a minor is still charged with murder if he or she kills someone. Why is it different with abortion? It seems like a strange double standard.

“So I’m proud that South Dakota’s standing for life. I’m also proud that we’re putting some action behind our words and saying that we do support life and we support these mothers, as well as getting them the resources that they need to move forward,” Noem said during the interview.

The governor then said that she supports “the law as it stands, just because it aligns with, really, what it means when you say every life is precious.”

Noem also stated that she couldn’t “even imagine the tragedy that goes along with being raped or having a situation where you’re dealing with incest and what those individuals are going through that have had that experience in their life. I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

“But what I would also say is I’ve just never believed that a tragedy and a horrible situation should be followed up with another tragedy. And if you’re truly going to be someone who says all lives should be treated equal, and every person deserves a chance to live, we have to defend these babies when they’re in the womb and speak for them and make sure that we’re backing up what science has shown us,” Noem added.

During the interview, Noem also stated that she believes life begins at conception and that the child in the womb feels pain. This is absolutely true. Some forms of abortion are done by injecting a pre-born child with the same kind of shot used to put prisoners to death, and an ultrasound video has shown a child desperately attempting to move out of the way of the needle.

Noem then said, “that doctors, when they treat these babies in the womb, they treat them as patients, give them patients’ rights, as well. How can they then turn around at any other point and say, ‘It’s a patient and it has rights, but it’s not a human life’? It’s just hypocritical, and I think it’s important that we have that intelligent conversation going forward.”

Let’s hope other states in the country follow the example of South Dakota and completely ban this vile, barbaric practice.

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